Key Holding and Supervision of Workmen or Staff

Key Holding Home


To allow our staff access to your property to ensure your property is safe and secure and to facilitate supervised and accounted for access to your property. By designated staff or tradesman to carry out pre arranged or emergency work in your home or on its grounds.


  • We hold sufficient keys to allow appropriate access to your property.
  • We keep a register of all entry and exits to your home.
  • We only allow access to people designated by you e.g. your cleaner or plumber.
  • We check the identity of all entrants and enter their details in the log.
  • All personnel could be subject to searching procedure on entry and exit to the property.
  • All un-authorised equipment as stipulated by you, held until they have finished their task and returned as they are leaving the site. e.g. mobile phones and cameras.


Your house and its contents remain as you left them. No theft of property from your home by tradesmen or other workers. Your privacy is maintained and pictures or covert devices are not placed in your property.