About Us

We are a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Custodial, Police and Health Services.

We provide bespoke Security Services for your family, home & business in the following areas:

  • Property Security
  • Custodial Care and Offender Management
  • Health Services including alcohol and drugs and care of the elderly
  • Criminal and Civil investigations
  • Covert sensitive intelligence gathering 
and surveillance
  • Conducting Witness interviews for legal teams
  • Asset Tracing and Confiscation
  • Serving legal documents
  • Alcohol and drug sampling of staff
  • Area and Staff searching
  • Electronic Counter Measure Sweeps
  • Staff Security awareness training
  • Mediation services for landlords and tenants


To protect, your property, businesses and our Island community. With professionalism integrity and sensitivity.

We are so happy we engaged Atlantic Security to manage our property. It has taken away all of the stress involved in taking on new tenants particularly given the new legislation and deposit bank.

Neil and Dee