Home Services

Home Events
Purpose: To ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time whilst being supervised with friendly professional respect and dignity. Safeguarding you and your guests is our priority. Method: Free site analysis and discussion on how you would like your event feel and be run. You choose how you want our staff to look for read more
Welfare Checks
Purpose: Providing peace of mind by checking on the welfare of your family. Method: Daily Patrol welfare check with your teenager at home or grandmas and grandpas at theirs. We ensure that the patrol officer has been introduced to your family member before Patrolling starts and provide them with an information pack so they are read more
Home Patrols
Purpose: Providing peace of mind by keeping your home safe and secure. Method: Daily patrols of your property inside and out turning lights on and off drawing curtains and blinds. The provision of on site, stay over staff, either in the property or discretely outside in our night unit with hours to suit you. To read more
Home Electronic Surveilance
Purpose: To deter potential criminal entry and to provide through well positioned equipment usable evidence to identify and secure successful prosecution of the perpetrator. Method: Providing motion sensors Window and door sensors Deterrent signage or equipment Cameras external in plain view motion activated Cameras external hidden motion activated Cameras internal hidden and motion activated Sound read more
Key Holding and Supervision of Workmen or Staff
Purpose: To allow our staff access to your property to ensure your property is safe and secure and to facilitate supervised and accounted for access to your property. By designated staff or tradesman to carry out pre arranged or emergency work in your home or on its grounds. Method: We hold sufficient keys to allow read more
Mail Forwarding Service
Purpose: To ensure your important mail, is collected and forwarded to you in a timely and secure manner. Method: A registered key holder enters your property and collects your mail, They will record in the client log the letters received then secure bag them and post them to you as registered mail. They can return read more
Property Management
Purpose: To provide high quality tenant and property management. So owners get the best return on their property investments and tenants get a well-managed and professional service. Method: Bespoke leases tailored to suit each property and the owner’s needs. Regular site visits to ensure properties are kept in best order. Great tenant and owner relations read more

We are so happy we engaged Atlantic Security to manage our property. It has taken away all of the stress involved in taking on new tenants particularly given the new legislation and deposit bank.

Neil and Dee